Call for Abstract and Participation for the 3rd SPOT-ITN Conference

sorrento welcome

Stress Biology and Crop Fertility

Sorrento  •  18-22 March 2015


Global Stress Response
Hormone Signalling
Sexual Plant Reproduction
Epigenetic Regulation of Plant Reproduction
Metabolomics, Proteomics, Genomics and Modelling in Stress and Development

The Conference will bring together approximately 20 invited speakers of outstanding international reputation covering various scientific aspects and the young scientists of the SPOT-ITN consortium. All the speakers will provide an overview of recent developments and approaches in the field and will share with the audience their thoughts and ideas for future avenues in their research. We hope this symposium will attract not only established scientists, but also international graduate students and postdocs interested in the field or in presenting their work in related topics. A special issue on an international journal with impact factor will be associated to the Conference.

Abstract for Poster and Oral presentations are closed.
Registration deadline March, 13th 2015

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